Helping Individuals Grow and Gain Life Abundantly.

At Globes Marketplace we aim to help individuals grow and excel in life. We have roles available as Ambassadors and Agents who help us to promote and grow the business in their region

The role of an Ambassador

An ambassador works with Globes Marketplace to promote our platform in their region.

Ambassadors have the following responsibilities:

  • Research and develop market in your region
  • Promote Globes Marketplace
  • Develop relationships with key stakeholders, community leaders and other influencers in your region
  • Recruit and train Agents

The role of an Agent

An agent works with the region ambassador to grow the Globes Marketplace vendors in the region.

Agents have the following responsibilities:

  • Identify and sign up Vendors
  • Support Vendors

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Both of these roles are commission based with sign up payments for each new vendor and residual income based on vendor sales.